June 02, 2013

Back in Business

After a one-year hiatus, I am returning to blogging. "Perspectives on Aging" has been reborn as "Life in the End Zone." It is intended for anyone interested in issues arising in life's final stage: people with advanced illness or old age, their friends and family members, policy-makers, and clinicians. I plan to publish one short post each week, typically a response to an article in the medical literature or a report in the media. In honor of the blog's rebirth, and thanks to Google and the wonders of technology, the blog has a new look. Please send me feedback about both the appearance and the content of "Life in the End Zone."

1 comment:

Arleeda said...

Glad to see this. My husband is 72 with mild cognitive impairment due to TIAs, they think. I am 76. We moved to an independent living facility in our children's hometown so that I could have time to travel (alone) without worrying about him getting enough to eat or having hallucinations. Neither of us like it here much, it is far less independent than I thought it would be; most residents are over 85 and in walkers. However, the food is good and it serves the purpose. It seems like every day another "retirement community" opens up. Obviously kids can't or won't care for their parents the way our parents did--my own parents and one inlaw died before such care was needed. My MIL lived to 92, but last 2 years were in a nursing home.